About Us

Spreading the message of God’s Mercy as revealed to Saint Faustina
City of Vilnius, Lithuania
Our Mission
The Authentic Divine Mercy Society exists to spread the message of God’s Mercy by actively promoting and practicing the five fundamental elements revealed to Saint Faustina by Our Lord Jesus Christ – along with: learning about the love and mercy of God through Our Lord Jesus Christ from Holy Scripture, the saints, and other approved devotions.
Authentic Image
The Authentic image of Merciful Jesus is the only image of Divine Mercy to venerate and promote for veneration. In recent years, many other images have been produced and shared that are not accurate to what was commissioned by Christ through Saint Faustina. Please watch this video to learn more.
Recommended Prayers
Jesus asked that we remember His Passion in a particular way by keeping three o’clock, the hour of His death, as a time of prayer. This is called the Hour of Great Mercy.

The ADMS recommends the following prayers for this hour: